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EL Minja's Lhasa Apso 's Worldwide in the media!  

Our dogs have been published worldwide in Magazines,
on TV shows in different programs and in Movies all over the World;


- Several TV stations as:

- At Canal+/Teguila/Premiere

- NPS, VPRO, Tros, Omroep Zeeland , TV1, TV4 , RTL , VTM,

- Television stations in Hong Kong & Japan,

- Television stations : NBC  America,

- Animal Planet series: "Movies Busted" and breed issues serie "Breed all about it"

- American Kennel Gazette Frontcover!



Telegraaf, Varagids en Troskompas , Gelderlander, PZC, De STEM ,

Clubmagazines all over the world.


Afghanreview , Afghan magazine UK, Hondenwereld, Onze Hond, Woef/Wouf, Unsere rassehund, La revista EL Perro ,   AKC Gazette  many many more etc....

Lhasa Apso Reporter,  American Lhasa Apso club,  Our Dogs,  Dogworld, 

Popular Dogs en Dog magazine in de USA, dog magazines in England, Japan and Hong Kong

and most European magazines and club magazines and websites

Mercedes Benz Magazine interview and fotoshoot!

lhasa apso in the media 


 uitgebreid artikel Lovely Lhasa's  over onze Lhasa Apso  kennel door Aly van den Berg , hieronder een quote,


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