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Lhasa Apso Pictures

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Welcome our photo gallary of the Lhasa Apso









EL Minja´s Gambi at DeliFrance

Lhasa Apso pups in my garden

3 EL Minja´s pups in my garden

Brother and Sister in my garden

Lhasa Apso el minja's Koma


Lhasa Apso floris

EL Minja´s Floris swims in the Mediterranean See :)


Lhasa Apso puppy Gambler with teddybeer

EL Minja´s Gambi at the Dogscholl kindergarten :)


EL Minja`s Musubi trains agillity with superball



Lhasa Apso in the park

Lhasa Apso in the lake

Pebbles jump and swim in the lake


Lhasa Apso Rossi at lake Veerse meer


Lhasa Apso dogs in the garden spring 2007

EL Minja's Tsaritsa in our garden

Lhasa Apso dogs in our garden spring 2007

EL Minja's Tsaritsa and Rossi in our garden

EL Minja's Tsaritsa

EL Minja's Ka-Char

EL Minja's Missy Chikabee


Digger the Lhasa Apso dog

EL Minja's Gold Digger owned by Ruth Revillas foto by Antonio sanchez


Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Aimee owned by Suvi & Juha Ranta, Finland.

Lhasa Apso image Brandy

Lhasa Apso Le Sajnim Brandy owned by the Dixon family, Canada.

Lhasa Apso picture

Lhasa Apso puppy pictures


Lhasa Apso image Bootz

Lhasa Apso Le Sajnim Bootz owned by the Kees and Babs.

Lhasa Apso Ch EL Minja's Adasha owned by Karin Hertz, foto © Roberto.


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